Stainless Steel Banding

Stainless Steel Banding are used to secure metal jacketing and fitting over insulation, work with wing seals to keep them in place.

Product Detail

Stainless Steel banding and wing seals are used to secure metal jacketing and fittings over insulation, keep them in place. The most common widths for stainless steel banding and wing seals are 1/2" and 3/4" , but we also do the 5/8" and 1" width stainless steel banding, but the stainless steel banding roll weight is availbale depend on your needs. the material is available in 201SS, 430SS, 304SS, 316SS,310SS etc.

Banding width available

1/2" inch (ie,13mm)

5/8" inch(ie,16mm)

3/4" inch(ie 19mm)

1" inch(ie 25mm)

Inside Diameter of coils available 

8" inch (ie 200mm)

16 inch( ie 406mm)   

Weight per coil

44lbs( 20KG)

or per request


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