Lacing Washers

Lacing Washers are used for installing the insulation mattress

Product Detail

Lacing Washers are used for installing the insulation mattress, they are installed on the underside of the insualtion mattress, The lacing Hooks are on the front side of the insulation mattress. after they are installed onto insulation mattress. use a 14mm width and 30mm long U staple to fixing them onto insulation mattress.

Lacing Washers are available in stainless steel right now, the thickness is 0.6mm, the width is 20mm, the length is 24mm. other sizes and materials are available by special order.

When the lacing hooks and Lacing washers are installed onto the insulation mattress, use stainless steel tie wires or stainless steel springs to tie them so that the insulation mattress are firmly hold in the place on the pipes or equipments

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